Saturday, March 19, 2011

Its the time of the year again !

Yesterday was an amazing night. I dined with some of the best group of people i have ever met. Its probably gonna be the last time so many of us would ever be able to gather again.

Today the preparation for the 4 year waited battle begins. Many people have talked about the difficulty of the semester. But anyway, whats most important is to have no regrets at the end of the tunnel. My one and only wish for the year is that all of B107 will be able to shout out the hoorays together, on the 22nd of April, and once again on the 28th of May.

All the best to all of B107.
I'll see you guys again when the battle begins and when we celebrate our victory !

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Maturity. Most consider maturity as a coming of age; an achievement of some sort or, of reaching a level of developement.

Think about it.. Maturity often involves obtaining opinions and influence from external sources, then, mixing it with that of one's ownself. Wouldn't that mean it is an additive, or rather, a contamination of one's personal style of thought? If so, does the 'maturity' really mean a significant input of opinion 'pollution' ? - I guess it all depends on the angle of viewing.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ipad 2

The Ipad 2. Dual core processor, front facing and back camera, with new screen casing, yada-yada-ya, bla-bla-bla. Thats not the point.

Apple products are currently one of the most popular and sought after products in the international market. They do not have the best processor, neither do they have the best cameras nor the cheapest price.

So, wouldnt you wonder - Why the hell is the whole wide world so crazily mad over their products?

Simple - User/consumer satisfaction.

SATISFACTION, is an important matter whether it be the sale of a product, a speech by a politician, a presentation by a student or the treatment of a patient.

It took me some time to realize this as well. What we give is not important, its what 'they' get that matters. I like to use Apple as good example. They have, for years, been using hardware which are of such low specifications, I would feel like a moron admitting that i paid premium for it, but the point is - most people dont even know the clock speed of their processor or its significance. What Apple does have however, is a built in ecosystem equipped with softwares relevant to just about anyone from any walk of life. This, in turn, relates to - USER SATISFACTION.

So later on in life, even as a pharmacist, you'd realize that advancement and success would be limited by one of 2 factors - 1. Knowledge, and 2. Ability to use/express/convey it in a form that is relevant.

So i guess my take home message for the day is:


A Peek Into the Past.

Few days ago i woke up kinda early for the first time to join one of the routine futsal games (thats not the point).

Along the way, i saw many kids (sem 1-3). Some were rushing, some discussing about the upcoming assignments and some with the temporary IDs looking as blur as ever.

Looking at them brings back memories of the days before, when i started in IMU, looking as blur as ever, then transforming into a partial zombie along the way. Sure, there were many hard times, remorseful periods but this is part of a complete package.

I barely even realize how fast things are moving and now its the final semester with just about a month to the end. I think four years can really do a difference. I wonder how would i be in another four years. But anyway, as of now, i can only admit that the B107 Bpharm experience is an awesome experience for me thus far.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Microbio research, scents and the great appreciation of life.

Here is a brief description of my sem 7 research.
My research has been awesome. Everyday, i deal with some of the most perfume scented places and materials the world has ever seen.

A simple description of my research:
1. Toilet
2. Tryptic soy agar
3. Bacteria on tryptic soy agar

and lately..
4. Fermented tryptic soy agar.

The beauty my research is that it has shown how wonderful things have usually been in life. I now appreciate the smell of fresh air, the help and assistance i get from friends, the time i have to eat, the time i have to do nothing and the time i have to write a blog post.
Thanks to this research, i think i'm going to start becoming a more charitable person. In fact, think the next time i go to pasar malam, i'm gonna make sure i donate to the guy singing for an extra few bucks.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Law of nature vs Law of reality

The law of nature is such that all good stuff come at high prices.
The law of reality is such that even if you pay a high price, you might not get good stuff.

One example is the Apple, another example is fine dining restaurants.
But the ultimate example is being a Malaysian who isnt exactly a malaysian.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A research that i would really like to do...

Back when the list of sem 7 researches we released, i still remember quickly scanning through the whole list and i still remember keywords to some titles, such as:

1. (something)(something) nanoparticle
2. (something)(something)micro algae in treatment of (something)(something)
3. (something) cancer cell line of (something)

Everyone is currently very busy with the research they are have chosen from a list. All these are fascinating researches with potential of groundbreaking findings. But has any1 really done some soul searching to think of something they'd really wanna find out?

For me, in the midst of the hassle and hectic life of the first few weeks of semester commencement, i did a little soul searching and had some deep thought into a research that i really would like to do. Given the grant of a mere RM1000 for mileage claims and paper photostating, i would design a study to determine the correlation between the physical attraction of healthcare workers to the speed of recovery of patients in the ward.

If i managed to prove my null hypothesis (which obviously needs no explanation), then additional criterias would be needed to enter schools of health sciences. In addition to that, reshuffles in hospitals staffs would also be made and (possibly) people would wish they'd fall sick a little more often.